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Our workshops are designed to support:


We offer a unique range of workshops for organisations, leaders, educators, administrators and other professionals. (see below for links to all our workshops).

Our workshops and seminars are designed to challenge individuals and groups while also being thoroughly engaging, inspiring and enjoyable.

We facilitate collaborative processes that include elements of problem solving, team building, reflective practice, creative expression and developing capacities for social innovation.

We offer workshops for developing leadership skills, clarifying or communicating your vision and values and facilitating group dynamics.

Workshops and/or seminars are available for a wide range of group sizes and contexts.


Individuals, groups and teams froma wide variety of contexts have participated in our workshops and seminars. They include:

  • Conference participants
  • Teams in organisations
  • Teachers undertaking professional development
  • Leaders of organisations
  • Postgraduate students
  • Researchers
  • Community development groups
  • Public events

Our workshops are designed to contribute to the vibrancy of your initiative or organisation through:

  • Innovative and creative team building processes
  • Fostering creativity through practical skills projects that use natural materials
  • Enhancing communication amongst staff members and groups
  • Engaging with reflective practice and dialogue
  • Energizing participants through new experiences and encounters

Workshops can be designed to meet the needs of your initiative or organisation, contact us to discuss options.

Workshops and seminars that we offer include (click on an image for more information about that workshop):


Lighting Fires

Soap Making

gormley figs

Sense of Place


Working With Unknowing


Developmental Dynamics


Vision Into Action

Group Facilitation