VLE Guide

Welcome to our free VLE guide. Below is a series of short videos to help you get the most out of your VLE experience. This guide is a work in progress and more sections may be added over time.

The VLE actually consists of two distinct parts which run on different software and different servers:

  • The main VLE itself, which runs on Moodle.
  • The Virtual Classroom, which runs on BigBlueButton on a separate server but adds onto the main VLE so you can use the same account for both.

Some of the main features of the Moodle VLE are:

  • Students can access course materials and communicate with their teachers.
  • Teachers can set gradable assignments for students to complete.
  • Forums enable open discussion and sharing of ideas, resources and documents.
  • Surveys and quizzes enable teachers to get feedback from students and test their knowledge.

The BigBlueButton Virtual Classroom can be used for:

  • Live virtual lectures/presentations.
  • Interactive sharing of ideas.
  • Virtual meetings.


The Main VLE (Moodle)

How to Edit Your Profile
How to Edit the Course Settings
How to Backup and Restore Your Course
How to Create an Assignment

The Virtual Classroom (BigBlueButton)

Essential Checklist: Before You Start…
Quick Start Video Tutorials
Additional Video Tutorials


How to Edit Your Profile

How to Edit the Course Settings

How to Backup and Restore Your Course

How to Create an Assignment

This videos walks you through the various assignment settings on a Moodle VLE. Please note that the assignment creation page may differ across Moodle versions. For instance, the accepted file types section of the assignment creation page is only present on the latest versions of Moodle. (Moodle 3.3)



Essential Checklist: Before You Start…

…you will need:

Smooth running, updated desktop or laptop computer.
–> Dual-core CPU with at least 2GB of memory
–> If it’s an Apple Mac, make sure it has the latest version of Mac OS X.
–> Don’t use a tablet or phone.
Fast internet connection:
–> At least: 4 Mbps download, 0.5 Mbps upload.
–> Test your connection here.
Firefox, updated to the latest version.
Microphone – test it here.
No other programs running which might interfere, e.g. Skype.

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Quick Start Video Tutorials

Please watch all these videos before using the virtual classroom.

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Additional Video Tutorials

These are a little out of date so some things will have changed, but they still contain some useful information

Setting up audio

Viewer overview

Moderator/Presenter overview

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Updated June 2017