Our vision is a world where every human being has the voice and tools to creatively engage in social, ethical, ecological and spiritual questions to shape the future together. Our purpose as an organisation is to promote positive personal, social and global change through education. Our Philosophy explains our approach in more detail.

The three areas of activity that we engage in are closely related to this purpose. Within the awarding organisation, we work primarily with education providers who are interested in facilitating deep learning and a journey of transformation for their learners. Our approach here is to connect closely with the vision and values of the provider and develop quality assurance and assessment processes that are compatible with this. (For more details on this see our Awarding website.)

In our higher education branch we deliver higher education courses that engage with human development and sustainability in the broadest sense. One example is our post-graduate certificate in Philosophy and Practice of Integrative Education. (For these and other HE programs see our Learning website.)

Our leadership and organisational consultancy also closely connect to our purpose. We have found that many education related questions are also ultimately leadership questions, whether of the personal or organisational kind. Our leadership consultancy aims to support organisations and individuals through times of transition and transformation. We do this by connecting directly to the underlying vision and values of the organisation as a touchstone for decision making and leadership. (For more information see our Consulting website.)