“No organisation could be more diligent and professional than Crossfields”

Lynne Oldfield
London Steiner Kindergarten Training Company

“[The] level of your team’s professionalism is outstanding – love it – keep it up!”

VLE student

“Novalis Trust is group of organisations providing education and care for young people and adults with special education needs, emotional and behavioural needs and learning disabilities in the Gloucestershire area. We take a trauma informed approach and wanted to ensure that all of our staff had a basic understanding of trauma. We couldn’t find anything that met our needs on the national register of qualifications, so we approached Crossfields Institute in 2016 to ask about developing a specialist qualification in trauma informed care. We were aware of Crossfields Institute as a local awarding organisation with a global reach. We knew that they worked with different approaches other than the mainstream and we felt that they were a good fit with our organisation.

For us it was important to have an officially recognised qualification, to help our staff feel valued, to raise the standard of education that we deliver and to raise awareness of trauma informed approaches generally. A recognised qualification where learners have to evidence their learning requires more effort than an internal training programme and raises standards.

We also wanted to start the conversation with other organisations, our regulators and others and make them more aware of a trauma informed approach. Our aim is to make trauma theory more mainstream and the qualification is now available for other organisations that would like to deliver it. The Crossfields Institute Level 4 Award and Certificate in Trauma Informed Care were launched early 2018.

Our experience of working with Crossfields Institute was very positive. We worked very closely with the Qualification Development Team to get a qualification that worked for us. They were friendly, helpful, and took a personal approach, whilst also holding us to rigorous standards. It was an excellent dialogue and collaborative process. This has been a very valuable experience for our organisation and our staff, who have given very positive feedback, and feel that they are getting the recognition they deserve for taking the qualification.”

Kate Barnett
Training Manager and Head of CPD Novalis Trust

“LEAP Equine approached Crossfields Institute early in 2016. We had been running a very successful course in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy for health care professionals for several years. We decided that the next step for our organisation was to develop an officially recognised qualification to raise the bar and increase our competitiveness. We also felt that it was important for our industry as a whole to professionalise, and have high quality recognised trainings. I had already heard about Crossfields Institute, and once I met their staff and heard more about their approach and ethos to experiential learning, they seemed like a really good fit in terms of what we were trying to do with the new qualification. It was really important to us that we didn’t have to have to compromise on our experiential approach in developing the qualification. We worked closely with the qualification development team at Crossfields Institute who were really helpful and supportive throughout the development process. The Crossfields Institute Level 5 Diploma in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy: the LEAP Method was launched in March 2017.

Our experience has been that this whole process of developing a recognised qualification has really helped us tighten things up in a very helpful way. The clear learning outcomes and structured assessment process has made everything much less subjective. It has been quite a learning curve for all of us, and a lot of work, but ultimately it has been really helpful for our faculty, the learners and the quality of the education we offer, and therefore for our organisation as a whole. Our learners are very pleased with the quality of the education we offer and we have noticed that the process of doing the qualification has really encouraged our learners to take responsibility for their own learning and has helped us ensure that we are teaching and assessing at a level that is appropriate for them.”

Ella Bloomfield
Owner and Managing Director LEAP Equine

“Working with you has felt like a collaboration right from the beginning, rather than you just firing instructions at us (which is what I have had before!), you ask us, and get us to ask ourselves, the important questions that help us gain greater clarity and vision around what we are trying to achieve.”

Suzanne Laurie
Academic Director, Institute of Health Sciences, Ireland

“Working with the Crossfields Institute is a creative and rigorous process. They have a wealth of experience, a holistic worldview and a deeply supportive culture. I am very grateful to be working with them.”

Dr William Bloom
Spiritual Companions Trust

“Crossfields Institute is a uniquely capable and visionary organisation in the complex world of education. They helped us navigate the regulatory system, staying true to our own vision and values as we worked together through the accreditation process.”

Barbara Isaacs
Academic Director, Montessori Centre International

“I really appreciate the way Crossfields have supported Living Well Dying Well as the organisation has grown. You have nurtured and offered tailored guidance throughout, and are always responsive to any issues for discussion. The sharing of good ideas and practice is invaluable, and you are always open and respectful of our views and suggestions…Crossfields Institute is a fantastic organisation and we very much appreciate working with you; your values are evident in all that you do.”

Lucy Foss
Living Well Dying Well