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Soap Making

Creative process, collaborative learning, new competence

“Part of craft’s anchoring role is that it helps to objectify experience and also to slow down labour. It is not about quick transactions or easy victories.

That slow tempo of craftwork, of taking the time you need to do something well, is profoundly stabilizing to individuals.”

Richard Sennett, The Craftsman

Soap making invites a profound engagement with the senses, essences from the plant world, and the dynamics of ‘separating’ and ‘reuniting’.

Weaving between the garden and the workshop, participants create washballs & vegetable oil soaps while discovering along the way some of the magic that lies in the making of this deceptively simple substance.

Soap making is a hands-on study of the polarities of ‘forming’ and ‘dissolving’ and their inter-weaving. It is both practical craft and catalyst for contemplation. This workshop includes both individual and collaborative activities.

Soap making workshops can be adapted to suit the needs of your context or organisation. Some of the activities that can be included in this workshop are:

  • The chemistry of soap making
  • An overview of traditional soap making, including the use of tallow and potash
  • Gathering plants from the garden for soap making
  • Understanding plant properties
  • Victorian washballs
  • The properties of essential oils
  • Essential oil distillation
  • Infused oils for soap making
  • Cold process soap making
  • Speciality methods in soap making


The aim of the workshop is to inspire and provide participants with an opportunity to be creative.

The workshop also offers the possibility for participants to take a practical craft as the basis for exploring

dynamics in creative processes that are analogous to processes in our personal and professional lives. We are thus enabled

to have conversation and reflection about ourselves and our work through the medium of the creative process and materials.

Workshops can accommodate a variety of group sizes and can vary in length.

All equipment and materials are provided.

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