Reflective social practice

This post-graduate certificate in Reflective Social Practice is delivered in cooperation with Alanus University. It is also an access pathway for students who meet the correct entry requirements for the Alanus University MA in Philosophy of Social Innovation. The purpose of this blended learning course is to enhance capacity for effective Reflective Social Practice amongst practitioners and within their organisations and communities. This course enables students to develop a critical appraisal of dominant models of social change and development, what we may call the technical, rational, managerialist model. At the same time, the programme helps students to develop a deep discipline of meaning making in the midst of ongoing change, and one that goes beneath the surface of both situation and self. This provides a basis for practice – for developing an understanding, and a response that is appropriate to the situation and the moment. The programme works particularly to help develop the qualities of attention, awareness and openness within the context of professional and personal practice. 

You can find more information about the Reflective Social Practice pathway here. 

You can find out more about the Philosophy of Social Innovation MA at Alanus University here. 

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