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Customised Competency Frameworks

What sets our approach apart is that we treat every client as a unique organisation. We don’t leave you with a pack of generic tools only to collect dust in a folder. We work with you and your staff to understand your mission, vision and values, and also to pinpoint where these have become stuck, with the goal to bring them to life.

Aligning every role to vision

We use your values as a compass and, aligning every role in your organisation with your vision, we develop a customised competency framework which serves each member of staff like an almanac does the skipper.
Working with a nominated individual or focus group, we make sure that your staff start taking ownership of the new tools.

Leadership training with line managers

The final concept, then, forms the basis for various training sessions and workshops including leadership training for key staff and all staff with line management responsibility.

Accountability and transparency lead to ‘working to vision’

Our work is not done until we’ve supported the rollout phase and monitored progress across the whole organisation.
Many clients choose to retain our services to make sure that these powerful tools continue to keep them on course as the radically increased accountability and transparency leads to understanding of role and work to vision (and not only to pay cheque), reductions in churn and absenteeism.

Organisational efficiency and career development

Everyone wins: related pay and progression, personal accountability and clarity around key skills, behaviours and attitudes transform both career development and organisational efficiency.


For examples of our work with Competency Frameworks, please see the two prominent examples of

  • Witherslack Group, UK
  • The Center for Discovery, USA

on our Case Studies page.