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Case Studies

Barrett Values Centre, United Kingdom

Barrett Values Centre commissioned Crossfields Institute to develop a comprehensive suite of values-based learning materials.

Barrett Values Centre (BVC) is an international organisation that provides powerful metrics that enable leaders to measure and manage the cultures of their organisations, and the leadership development needs of their managers and leaders.

The core products of the organisation are the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT). The Cultural Transformation Tools have been used to map the values of over 6,000 organisations and 3,000 leaders in 90 countries. The Cultural Transformation Tools are used by corporations, NGOs, government and municipal agencies, communities, schools and nations.

In 2014, BVC commissioned Crossfields Institute to develop a set of comprehensive learning materials for CCT facilitators and learners that reflected the vision and method of the organisation. In consultation with BVC, Crossfields Institute designed a suite of learning materials to help BVC effectively deliver their programme. The materials support teaching and learning, concisely communicating the information whilst encapsulating BVC’s values.

What the Client Says:

“We had a certification training that needed to be packaged and communicated to our network of global trainers in a clear and simple, yet flexible way. None of our earlier contacts had a solution to our satisfaction. Crossfields Institute took on the challenge with a lot of care, experience and professionalism, with deep listening to our needs and specific requests. Even if we did not always know what we wanted or were asking for, Crossfields Institute always came up with new creative solutions that took us to a final product that has proven very successful, meeting all our expectations.
I strongly recommend Crossfields Institute as a partner if you need support with your education and training.”

Tor Eneroth
Network Director, Barrett Values Centre



Witherslack Group, United Kingdom

Customised competency framework, 24 roles over 600 staff.

The Witherslack Group is a leading provider of specialist education and care for children and young people with Special Educational Needs. In 2013 Witherslack Group asked Crossfields Institute to create a performance management tool to track and monitor internal progression and development of Witherslack Group staff, managers and leaders.

Over a period of 9 months we developed a customised competency framework across the whole organisation, fully aligned with the Group’s ethos and vision. This was implemented as a pilot, along with an enhanced Performance and Development Review (PDR) process. The Institute also delivered training to all staff in how to carry out effective PDRs. The CCF has yielded profound results, allowed leaders to identify outstanding performance, develop more clearly targeted training and ultimately improve outcomes for the young people in their care.

What the Client Says:


“The Witherslack Group have worked with Crossfields Institute over the past 18 months on establishing and refining a whole group ‘Performance and Development Review process’ which encompasses all levels of the organisation and both promotes and embeds the vision and values of the Witherslack Group. The original pilot cycle is now complete and Crossfields have both advised and guided the amends and improvements made to the initial process in order that the system is manageable, focused on improving staff performance, identifying future leaders and most importantly, improving our young people’s overall outcomes.”

Mike Barrow
Director of QA



The Center for Discovery, New York, USA

Customised competency framework, 3 roles over 60 staff.

The Center for Discovery (TCFD) is a national specialist centre for the care and treatment of children and adults with significant disabilities, medical complexities and autism spectrum disorders. In 2014, TCFD approached Crossfields Institute in the planning stages of an innovative “Homestead” model of care for centre residents.

Crossfields Institute staff worked closely with TCFD to explore the priorities and key aims of the project. It was paramount that all Homestead staff understood and lived the philosophy and values of the organisation on a moment by moment basis whilst carrying out their role. We proposed the development of a customised competency framework (CCF) for all Homestead staff that clearly laid out in a progressive way the skills, behaviours and attitudes required by all staff working in the Homestead, aligned with the values and culture of the Center.

The CCF was implemented alongside a new “Performance Development Review” process to accurately and consistently assess staff performance and identify training needs. To support staff in their new roles we also developed work-based learning education programmes that were a practical and pragmatic approach to staff training, particularly encouraging staff to reflect on their own performance in role. TCFD also used the CCF for staff recruitment into the new roles and for assessing staff for promotion and advancement.