New Equine Facilitated Learning qualification launched

Crossfields Institute and LEAP Equine are delighted to announce the launch of

Crossfields Institute Level 4 Diploma in Equine Facilitated Learning: the LEAP method

This qualification is open for registrations from Monday 2nd March 2020

This Crossfields Institute qualification was created in collaboration with LEAP Equine in order to bring professional standards into a fast growing and as yet unregulated field. The qualification emphasises the development of maturity, self-awareness, authenticity, safe and ethical practice.

    • Any learners who are interested in finding out more about this qualification should contact LEAP Equine on 0776 0776 500 or at
    • Any organisations wishing to deliver this qualification should contact the Crossfields Institute Quality Team 01453 808118

Crossfields Institute is a Gloucestershire based education charity, approved by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations in England) as an awarding organisation. The Institute specialises in the development of specialist qualifications for providers with a particular vision or ethos.

LEAP Equine’s aim is to provide safe and healing Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) and Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) for individuals and groups, and to provide high quality, professional training for those who wish to become EFP/L practitioners.

Crossfields Consulting Launches New Workshops

For over a decade, we have helped businesses, charities, schools, colleges, universities and communities strategise, innovate and transform. We are delighted to offer the following new workshops to organisations that are ready for change –

    1. Working with uncertainty and complexity in the workplace
    2. Care, creativity and courage in the workplace
    3. Creating a culture of effective and creative client facing work
    4. Developing self and others in the workplace
    5. Performance and development reviews that make a difference
    6. Competent moment-to-moment facilitation and leadership in the workplace
    7. How to hold a meeting that matters
    8. The Art and Craft of Delegation

Each workshops can be delivered on location for smaller or larger teams. Duration and details can be customised to meet the needs of the individual organisation or team.

Contact us for more information and to speak to our expert faculty.

January 24-25 2020 Launch of New Educational Leadership Programme

Managing change and complexity is one of the most frequent issues facing leaders, managers and their organisations today. How do we navigate confidently and competently in this climate of moving goalposts, environmental, social, political and financial challenges and intensifying compliance demands? How do we balance these issues with the need to maintain focus on those we aim to serve and the vision we hope to realise for a better world?

Crossfields Learning has launched a new Educational Leadership Programme with the senior leadership team of a large UK independent school with a vision. Committed to meeting the emerging needs of the school, the programme is customised and consists of a series of workshops, all certified and delivered over a period of 6 months.

For more information, contact Crossfields Learning.

First Graduates of Level 2 Integrated Education Certificate

Congratulations to students from Raheen Wood ALFA school in Ireland, who are the first graduates of the Crossfields Institute Level 2 Integrated Education Certificate. Their teacher, Cormac Griffith, is a recent graduate from the Post-Graduate Certificate in the Philosophy and Practice of Integrative Education, delivered by Crossfields Learning. The students’ Independent Projects were inspiring and very diverse, and they confidently demonstrated development of their Creative Thinking Skills. Find out more about the ACTS project and Creative Thinking Skills, and the suite of qualifications developed by Crossfields Institute with Creative Thinking Skills and transdisciplinarity at their core.

Teacher Cormac Griffith with 5 of the Raheen Wood ALFA students who received their Crossfields Level 2 Integrated Education Certificates.

New Integrated Education qualification for schools

Crossfields Institute is delighted to announce that a new qualification for schools has been launched.

Crossfields Institute Level 2 Integrated Education Diploma

is now open for registrations and interested schools are invited to seek centre approval.

This qualification is for students aged 14 and over and contains twelve modules, three of which are mandatory. The qualification delivers a broad curriculum which will be taught and assessed using transdisciplinary work, with a focus on collaborative and individual project work and problem solving.  It includes an Independent Project module that enables students to follow their passion and explore an interest or career aspiration in depth and modules that assess Creative Thinking Skills, and Personal and Social Learning Skills, drawing on formal, non-formal and informal learning and any area of the taught curriculum.

This qualification has been developed to encourage more transdisciplinary work across subjects, increase students’ ability to think laterally and work creatively. As schools are increasingly constrained by knowledge-focused, high stakes exam based qualifications this provides an opportunity for students to think for themselves and develop as more autonomous learners. This approach is in direct response to the needs of employers who want more creative thinking in their future employees.

This qualification was developed as a result of the ACTS project ( which was recognised and funded by Erasmus+ (Key Action 2, School Education Strategic Partnership Project 2015). The project was led by the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (UK) in partnership with Sammenslutningen af frie Rudolf Steiner skoler i Danmark (Denmark); Steinerskoleforbundet (Norway); Steinerkasvatuksen liitto (Finland) and Crossfields Institute. Together, the four national federations of Steiner Waldorf Schools brought a wealth of curriculum and pedagogical expertise to the project and development of this qualification.

Crossfields Institute is a Gloucestershire based education charity, approved by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations in England) as an awarding organisation. The Institute specialises in the development of qualifications that take an integrative, human-centred approach to learning and development.

Any schools who are interested in finding out more about offering this qualification should contact

Job Vacancies: Finance Manager & Administrator

We are currently recruiting for a Finance Manager and/or Finance Administrator. The roles are part time, around 16 hours per week. Please see below for the details for each vacancy.

The closing date for applications is Wednesday May 29th at 12.00 noon

Finance Manager:
Job Description
Person Specification

Finance Administrator:
Job Description
Person Specification

Please send your CV and a personal statement to strictly by the closing date above. If you require more information, please contact Cecile Ithurbide at or by calling 01453 808118

The Transforming Fire

July 29th – Aug 2nd, 2019
Orcas Island, Washington

A workshop exploring the inner and outer weavings of fire co-facilitated by Jonathan Code and Maureen Curran

‘The plant can be but a flowering flame…the animal a moving flame…and the human being a speaking flame’.                                               Novalis  

What…or who…is a human being?

This is perhaps the most crucial question of our time. How we answer this question – and how we live it – determines how we will live in the world, with each other and with ourselves. As we enter times of potentially radical change we would do well to live deeply into this question and to – collectively and collaboratively – explore its many dimensions.

Taking our departure from the pithy proposal that the human being is a ‘speaking flame’ (Novalis) Fire will be our primary focus for these five days: how we kindle it, nurture it and transform with it; how it lives in us and moves in us, and how it lives in the natural world around us. Our collective task will be to kindle a ‘needfire’, an act that goes to the heart of what it means to be human at this time.

The workshop will engage with processes and practices central to the work of the teacher, the healer, the grower and anyone who shares a fascination for this central question of what it means to be human at this time!

Maureen Curran and Jonathan Code will co-facilitate this five day workshop delving deeply into the ways of fire – inner and outer. We will engage with Fire in its many guises through:

  • Transformative Movement Sessions
  • Collaborative tasks and exercises
  • Contemplative practice
  • Demonstrations and discussion
  • Creative reflection

Join us on a transformative journey as we delve deeply into the fascinating (and often elusive) nature of Fire!

To Book Contact: Kathryn Betuel –
Bookings accepted until June 29, 2019

COST: $400.00

A daily snack will be provided during the workshop. A list of available lodging and camping sites on the island can be provided upon request.

New regulated qualification in Equine Facilitated Psychotraumatology

Crossfields Institute and IFEEL Qualifications Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of a new Ofqual regulated qualification. 

Crossfields Institute Level 6 Diploma in the IFEEL Method of Equine Facilitated Psychotraumatology
is now open for registrations.

Practitioners working with clients who have suffered trauma need to be able to understand the many different presentations of trauma, and have a range of skills to work appropriately with those clients or refer them to other specialist support.

This qualification develops theory, practice and high sensory awareness in practitioners in order that any situation involving trauma can be dynamically assessed and outcomes intelligently effected

IFEEL Qualifications was established in 2007, as a professional training organisation that has the depth and psychological competency needed to do justice to any equine assisted facilitation, coaching and psychotherapy interventions. We recognised the need for a systematic method in order to best consider and validate the complex process and outcomes of the Facilitator-Horse-Client alliance. We are proud to educate a diverse, self-motivated, well balanced, mutually supportive, conscientious group of professional facilitators who are needed for this fast-growing, multifaceted field.

Crossfields Institute is a Gloucestershire based education charity, approved by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations in England) as an awarding organisation. The Institute specialises in the development of specialist and niche qualifications for providers with a particular vision or ethos.

Any learners who are interested in finding out more about this qualification should contact, Tel: +44 (0) 1892 770 139

‘Animal Nature’ explored at day-long workshop

Where: Museum in the Park, Stratford Park, Stroud

When: Saturday, February 23, 9am-7pm

A one-day workshop is being held at the Museum in the Park Pavilion in Stroud at which delegates will seek to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of animals.

‘Animal Nature’, which takes place on Saturday, February 23, is being organised by the Stroud-based Crossfields Institute who researches, promotes and provides integrative and inclusive approaches to education and organisational development

The focus of the day is our human relationship to the animal world. We start small by investigating the organisms that live in, and indeed make, the soil that we rely on to grow food. Then we will consider the true nature of the animals that we have domesticated on farms. 

After lunch, provided as part of the workshop, we will explore our own natures and how the animal world is both part of us and provides external symbols and metaphors to develop our understanding and guide our behaviour.  

The day will be a mix of talks, practical exercises and discussion in the beautiful setting of Stratford Park.

A number of experts have been lined up to speak at the event. In the morning, Dr Liz Hamilton from the University of Gloucestershire will speak on ‘Animals Underground’, while Ed Berger, biodynamic land manager of the Ruskin Mill Trust, will then lead a session about ‘Seeing the Animal Whole’.

After lunch, Roger Duncan, a systemic family therapist, will lead a session entitled ‘Encountering Animal’; Dr Isis Brook, a research Fellow at Crossfields Institute International, will speak on ‘Animal Ethics: Perspectives’; and Jonathan Code, Director and researcher at Crossfields Institute International will lead a session on ‘Animals & Transformation’.

The cost of the day is £65 for full attendance (light lunch included). To book a place, call 01453 808118 or email