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Job Vancancy: External Quality Assurer (EQA)

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Applications are invited for the following vacancies, working from home, but required to attend meetings at the Stroud office of Crossfields Institute and with the ability to visit Crossfields Institute approved centres within the UK. External Quality Assurers (EQAs): we are seeking experienced subject specialists with…

Dramatic Dip in eBook Sales

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This article in the Guardian suggests a dramatic dip in ebook sales. This is perhaps an example of how people are beginning to value the tactile and embodied feel of real world ‘analogue’ objects over the disembodied feel of digital technology.  https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/apr/27/how-ebooks-lost-their-shine-kindles-look-clunky-unhip-

Raising happy girls

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The author and childcare expert Steve Biddulph’s latest book is out today 20th April.  Following on from his book on raising boys the new book: 10 Things Girls Need Most To Grow Up Strong and Free,  tackles the possibly even trickier subject of how to…

Learning support on four legs!

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We welcome the increased interest in the use of dogs as educational support “staff” in schools, as reported here https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/mar/28/teaching-support-dog-school-teach-read We offer several qualifications that accredit practitioners working with horses and dogs to facilitate human development, develop mindfulness practice and use horses in therapeutic work….