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Minimum IT Requirements for Using the VLE


  • Dual-core CPU with at least 2GB of memory.
  • Make sure your computer it updated and generally functioning well. If it’s an Apple Mac, make sure it has the latest version of Mac OS X.
  • Please do not use a tablet or smartphone to access the VLE, as some functions will not work. Please only use a desktop or laptop computer, either Windows PC or Apple Mac.

Additional hardware:

  • Microphone – test it here.
  • Webcam – make sure there are no other programs running that can interfere, e.g. Skype.

Web browser:

  • Firefox, updated to the latest version.
  • Java.
  • Flash – as of Mac OS X 10.6, Apple stopped updating Flash. If a Mac user is running an out-of-date version of Flash (if you are using the virtual classroom BigBlueButton, this will check the version of flash), you can upgrade the version by downloading it from Adobe https://www.adobe.com/.

Internet connection speed:

  • Minimum of 4 Mbps download and 0.5 Mbps upload speed. Users can test their actual bandwidth using https://www.speedtest.net/.
  • For users of the BigBlueButton virtual classroom, bandwidth will affect how smoothly BigBlueButton runs, so the higher the bandwidth the better.

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Updated July 2017