Minimum IT requirements for using the VLE


  • Dual-core CPU with at least 2GB of memory.
  • Make sure your computer is updated and generally functioning well. If it’s an Apple Mac, make sure it has the latest version of Mac OS X.
  • Please do not use a tablet or smartphone to access the VLE, as some functions will not work. Please only use a desktop or laptop computer, either Windows PC or Apple Mac.

Additional hardware:

  • Microphone – test it here.
  • Webcam – make sure there are no other programs running that can interfere, e.g. Skype.

Web browser:

  • Firefox, updated to the latest version.
  • Java.
  • Flash – as of Mac OS X 10.6, Apple stopped updating Flash. If a Mac user is running an out-of-date version of Flash (if you are using the virtual classroom BigBlueButton, this will check the version of flash), you can upgrade the version by downloading it from Adobe

Internet connection speed:

  • Minimum of 4 Mbps download and 0.5 Mbps upload speed. Users can test their actual bandwidth using
  • For users of the BigBlueButton virtual classroom, bandwidth will affect how smoothly BigBlueButton runs, so the higher the bandwidth the better.

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Updated July 2017

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