Level 5 Diploma in Social Pedagogy

Qualification title

Crossfields Institute Level 5 Diploma in Social Pedagogy


Social pedagogy is an established discipline and profession in many European countries. It has grown out of a longstanding tradition of educational philosophers, social thinkers and practitioners who were concerned with developing a more equal and just society through educational means.

This qualification is designed to enable experiential learning, to support individual and group reflection processes and to create dialogue between learners by drawing on their knowledge and experience. Learners will explore the historical and philosophical roots of social pedagogy in continental Europe and other nations. It also explores how key concepts are applied in the field and how the rich potential of each human being is central to social pedagogy.

Key features

Equip learners with an essential theoretical, ethical and practical understanding of how social pedagogy can:

  • benefit relationship-centred practice;
  • enable development through social pedagogical leadership and systemic support;
  • contribute to social change through engagement with the wider community.

Provide pathways for further study and ongoing practice and organisational and community development beyond the qualification itself.

Entry requirements

Learners must be 18 or over

Applicants should hold a qualification at level 4 or higher in a related discipline or be able to demonstrate their ability to study at level 5 by submitting a written assignment as part of the admission process.

Learners must be either employed in a care/education setting or related context or be volunteering in a similar setting (see the Qualification Specification for the criteria pertaining to volunteer work).

Guided learning hours


Total qualification time




Study method

Blended, full or part time, face-to-face and distance learning as well as independent study.

How long does it take?

Variable depending upon delivery structure but 12 months part time is recommended.


This qualification is graded A,B,C,D which are pass grades and Working Towards which is a fail. Learners are expected to complete a portfolio of evidence, demonstrating meeting the learning outcomes.

Qualification specification

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