Higher education

Crossfields Europa
Crossfields Europa is the Higher Education Institute in the group that has a focus on environment, education and leadership. We use our own ‘workademia’ model (see below) and also work closely with transdisciplinarity (see below) in our course design and delivery. At Crossfields Europa we take the notion of sustainability in the deepest sense very seriously. The Earth is our home and needs both protection and honouring as the source of all life. We believe that any 21st century, ethically based organisation needs to take the environment and environmental thinking as the ground from which it works. We do this substantively in the agroecology course, and we ensure that environmental concerns informs our other work.

Why transdisciplinary?
We believe that contemporary issues and the so called ‘wicked problems’ that face the world today will require crossing disciplinary boundaries and working systemically and with a deep form of collaboration. Our research and our educational offer is to bring about greater engagement and participation on important contemporary issues through an appreciation of the role of values and positive human endeavour. The notion of inter-disciplinary in education is important, but the notions of transdisciplinary adds something more in that it suggests that something new can potentially arises in the crossing of disciplinary boundaries. We try to work practically with this concept in the way we design and deliver our courses.

The workademia concept
The common thread in all our courses is that they have been developed to address key issues that humanity faces if we are to make the world a better place. Our approach has been to create courses that can be taken by people already engaged with the practical aspects of those problems. Designed for part-time delivery, with an extensive use of our virtual learning environment (VLE), students can use their day-to-day activities as a source of data for reflection and action research. At Crossfields Europa we use the workademia concept to situate learning as much as possible in the day-to-day work-life context of our students. This facilitates positive transformation by allowing students to study through their own work and implement change arising from their research directly in their practice.

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