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Leadership, Ethics and Working with Unknowing – Post Conference Resources

Full conference programme
Delegate list

Presentations (in order of programme)

Marcelo da Veiga (Alanus University). Philosophical thinking and leadership: an unnecessary marriage?

Warwick Fox (Emeritus Prof. of Philosophy, University of Central Lancashire). Leading ethical theories and ethical leadership. Downloadable papers on ethics and info on books available at: www.warwickfox.com

Eve Poole (Ashridge Business School). How do we develop ethical leaders?
Leadersmithing (TedX Durham)
Why We Need Leaders of Good Character (Sarum College)

Peter Simpson (UWE). Giving attention to what we lack.

Brad Jackson (Victoria University of Wellington) Place, purpose and identity in ethical leadership research and practice.

Simon Bazalgette (The Jockey Club). Knowing and not knowing: a case study of a CEO’s lived experience.

Stephen Fear (Fear Group). Leadership in moments of crisis and isolation.

Charlotte von Bulow (Crossfields Institute) Leadership “in the balance”: the art and craft of a practice between knowing and unknowing.


Carol Jarvis (UWE). Learning entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning: working with unknowing.

Ivor Twydell. The blind spot of leadership.

John Bazalgette (Grubb Institute, Crossfields Institute), Sarah Nowak (Alanus University, Crossfields Institute). Prospecting for gold: testing an experiential approach to ethical leadership.

Thomas Schmaus (Alanus University). Doing the right thing in the right place at the right time. Why successful Leadership needs situational skills.

Taking the pulse: Collaborative and artful inquiry as an ethical and reflexive practice. Facilitated by Miche Fabre-Lewin and Flora Gathorne-Hardy.