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Transforming Moments: Dissonance, Liminality and Action as Learning Experiences

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15th January 2016 @ 4:00 pm – 16th January 2016 @ 5:00 pm
University of Kent
The Registry
Kent CT2 7NZ

What should be the role of transformative learning in today’s educational institutions and practices? How does the notion of transformative learning square with the pressures of employability, and can transformative learning give learners greater autonomy vis-à-vis such pressures?

This conference is for educators, practitioners, researchers and students from different disciplines who are interested in exploring theories and practices of transformative learning. A wide range of questions will be
considered, for example:

  • Are theories of transformative learning correct to suggest that
    transformation begins with a loss of orientation, with dissonance and with liminality?
  • How can we incorporate dissonance in our teaching in a manner that is deliberate without being patronising?
  • And how can such dissonance creatively enhance, rather than undermine, our ability to act in a complex world?

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