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Lighting Fires: Considering Education in the iPad Age

24th November 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Trill Farm
Pudleylake Road
Musbury, Axminster, Devon
EX13 8TU
£30 Talk & Supper, £5 Talk Only
Jonathan M. Code, MEd.
01453 808118


As more and more education unfolds either through (or is assisted by) digital devices, and encounters with screens increasingly dominate our processes of teaching and learning, this talk poses some questions about where this most crucial of social activities is headed. Beginning with reflections on his own experience as a student, teacher and now doctoral research candidate, Jonathan Code delves into this fraught, but fascinating, field and explores some of his own musings on education’s purpose, practice and potential in this increasingly technological age.

We will take our departure from the often quoted (but not always adequately understood) proposal that ‘the mind does not require filling like a bottle, but rather, like wood, it only requires kindling to create in it an impulse to think independently and an ardent desire for the truth.” (Plutarch, Moralia)

About Jonathan Code M.Ed

Jonathan Code is a lecturer in, and Director of Crossfields Institute International (CII). His current activities include developing, teaching and supervising on CII’s Higher Education courses and he is a co-lead on CII’s MA in Researching Holistic Agroecology. Jonathan teaches both nationally and internationally in a range of craft and land-based workshops. Jonathan has a deep interest in Consciousness Studies, Western Esotericism, natural and holistic science, and education – interests that informed both his Bachelor’s degree (Intregral Studies, CIIS, California), and his M. Ed (Social and Environmental Education, RSUC Oslo). Jonathan’s book Muck and Mind; Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture is distributed by Lindisfarne/Floris books.

About Supper & Conversations at Trill

Supper & conversations provide an opportunity to enjoy an inspiring talk followed by a convivial supper, sharing ideas and evolving positive ways forward.

Speakers include writers, innovators, critics, political agitators and environmentalists, and aim to be informative, to stimulate thinking, to make us laugh and to amaze us.

The suppers are inspired by the content of the talk and from the seasonal abundance of the farm. We don’t sell alcohol, please feel free to BYO (£3 corkage per person).