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Inner and Outer Dimensions of Thinking: a Transdisciplinary Conference

20th May 2016 @ 3:30 pm – 21st May 2016 @ 5:00 pm
Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences
Campus II
Villestraße 3 53347 Alfter
Johannes Wagemann

Thinking is deeply embedded into every aspect of human life. It informs how we experience ourselves and it informs how we experience the world. It also plays a major role in determining the kind of social, cultural and technological environments we collectively create. And yet for all its importance, there is still little general consensus about
what thinking is or how it functions.

Cognitive science has tended to reduce thinking to ‚outer‘ physical factors. Traditionally this has been understood as computation-like activity in the physical brain, but more recently it is seen as the activity of the brain and body in living interaction with the physical environment. Other approaches to thinking focus on how we use words and how language is structured. Still other approaches adopt first-person and phenomenological methods to describe the
conscious experience of thinking from the ‚inside‘.

At this conference we will address the question of the nature of thinking from both outer and inner dimensions. There will be keynote lectures, workshops and paper presentations that draw from different disciplines, including philosophy, phenomenology, psychology, the arts and neuroscience. The aim is that out of this transdisciplinary
approach, new insights emerge that go across and beyond the different disciplines.

The conference is for academics, researchers, educators and students from any discipline who are interested in deepening their understanding of what thinking is and how it functions.

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