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Developmental Dynamics

“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think”   Gregory Bateson

A study of dynamic process of growth, development and transformation in the natural world and in human beings can greatly enhance our work as educators, leaders, and practitioners. It can also stimulate our own individual learning journey and/or creative expression.

Understanding the dynamics of organisms informs our work and involvement with organisations. Different organisms (and organisations) meet different developmental challenges at different stages of their growth and maturation. What can we learn from these – for ourselves? for our personal and professional contexts? Tree_fern_frond_at_Akatarawa[1]

A study such as this can take many forms, points of entry and themes for engagement:

Plant studies

Plant morphology is a study of plants as beings that unfold in time and in specific locations.

The plant world provides many opportunities to study:

  • Growth and life gesture
  • Polarities and mediating processes –  forming/consolidating       ⇔         dissolving/dissipatingclover-leaf-with-chevron-closeup-w1024[1]
  • Fourfold dynamics of ‘rooting/grounding’, ‘leafing/assimilation’, ‘flowering/expressing’ and ‘fruiting/give away’.
  • themes in the evolution of plants – analogues with organisational development

Animal morphology

The animal world presents many opportunities to consider:

  • ways of living in the world and adapting to environment/context
  • specialisations: their gifts and challenges
  • attitudes and relationships towards others
  • organic principles in the development of organisms

     Transforming Moments

Human Development

A study of the human being is fascinating, complex and multi-facetted. Some of the aspects of the human being that are important to consider from a developmental perspective include:

  • the Threefold human being – a being of thought, feelings and initiative
  • polarities and intermediaries in human physiology
  • rhythm as a mediating principle in human life
  • the human being in the social realm – economics, rights and governance
  • evolution, involution,

Workshop Options

These workshops are not pre-planned and pre-packaged. They will be co-designed collaboratively to suit your needs and context.

Workshop planning starts with a dialogue to identify what the developmental dynamics are that you hope to address or explore and how best to work with your context and participants.

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