Higher Education Programmes

Postgraduate Studies
The following postgraduate courses are run in cooperation with Alanus University near Bonn in Germany. These courses can be taken as stand alone programmes or can be the basis for progression to the MA Philosophy of Social Innovation (see below). What follows is an overview of the different programmes we do. For more detailed information on each programme follow the links.

Philosophy and Practice of Integrative Education
This postgraduate certificate programme is for upper school (secondary school) teachers who would like to develop an integrative teaching practice to meet the changing needs of young people today. The programme draws primarily on the principles and practices of Steiner Waldorf education, but will also be of interest to any secondary school teacher who is interested in re-thinking and developing their skills by drawing on their own research and the best of contemporary practice.

Researching Holistic Approaches to Agroecology
This distance learning course was launched in 2014/2015 and students from all over the world have enrolled to participate in situated research in their own countries and communities, but linked by face-to-face residentials and our Virtual Learning Environment. The course can lead to a Masters degree.

Reflective Social Practice
The purpose of this blended learning course is to enhance capacity for effective reflective social practice amongst practitioners and their organisations/communities. This course enables students to develop a critical appraisal of dominant models of social change and development (what we might call the technical rational managerialist model). At the same time the programme helps students to develop a deep discipline of meaning making – of situation and self – beneath the surface and in the midst of ongoing change.

Masters Level Study 
Graduates of the above postgraduate courses may be eligible to carry on with their studies in order to obtain a full MA in the following programme.

MA Philosophy of Social Innovation. This is an Alanus University programme developed and delivered in cooperation with Crossfields Institute. Through this programme students develop the tools to become creative innovators and social entrepreneurs in their organisations and communities. This MA is available with three specialisations:

  • MA Philosophy of Social Innovation: Organisational Analysis and Leadership
  • MA Philosophy of Social Innovation: Reflective Social Practice
  • MA Philosophy of Social Innovation: Researching Holistic Agroecology
For more information on this programme, please visit the Alanus University website.