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What Others Say About Us

Crossfields Institute is a uniquely capable and visionary organisation in the complex world of education. They helped us navigate the regulatory system, staying true to our own vision and values as we worked together through the accreditation process.Barbara Isaacs, Academic Director, Montessori Centre International
Working with you has felt like a collaboration right from the beginning, rather than you just firing instructions at us (which is what I have had before!). I am genuinely excited about working with you all… I love working with you as you ask us, and get us to ask ourselves, the important questions that help us gain greater clarity and vision around what we are trying to achieve.Suzanne Laurie, Academic Director, Institute of Health Sciences
In 2009 a group of Camphill communities decided to develop an in-service qualification for new staff and co-workers. We felt that the existing mainstream programmes were inflexible and did not reflect the values of our organisation. We decided that we needed to develop a customised programme that reflected our vision and values and was tailored around the needs of our organisation, staff and the adults with learning difficulties that we serve. Through the Crossfields Institute we have successfully developed and delivered a Holistic Support and Care programme for people with Complex Needs which has undoubtedly led to increased knowledge and professionalism among our staff and co-workers. We are now close to completion of our third year of delivery.Robert Liddiard, Programme Coordinator, Lantern Community, Hampshire
Working in a freelance capacity for a client who wanted to accredit their unique training program, I have found the team at Crossfields Institute to be outstanding in their  expertise, professionalism and genuine desire to help. Each department has gently guided  my client through the different stages; from the initial design of the qualification specification, through to the successful accreditation of their award and centre. What could have been a daunting process has in fact been a very positive and rewarding experience for all involved – thank youDawn Brumham - Business Consultant and Quality Advisor