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Our Fees

Crossfields Institute Fees List from May 2017

Crossfields Institute specialises in the development of integrative and holistic specialist qualifications and programmes. Unlike other similar organisations, the Institute does not rely on large learner numbers to support its business model, we offer to work with niche sectors that other organisations would be unlikely to work with due to lower learner numbers.

For this reason our fees are set at levels that allow us as a charity to cover our operating costs and reflect the heavy regulatory activity that we carry out behind the scenes on behalf of our centres and learners. All registration fees are individually set taking into consideration the level, volume and subject content of the programme or qualification. Please note that the registration fees below are fees charged to centres. Learner fees are set by the centres and include the registration fee of the learners to the Awarding Organisation (Crossfields Institute)

Regulated qualification registration and centre fees updated May17 page 1
Regulated qualification registration and centre fees updated May17 page 2

Crossfields Institute and Crossfields International Payment Policy

  • Invoices will always be issued in £ Sterling (GBP) and must be paid in the same currency regardless of the location of the client or customer.
  • Terms are generally set at 28 days from date of issue of invoice.
  • Longer payment terms may only be negotiated in exceptional circumstances and in advance of the invoice being issued.
  • All queries must be raised within 1 week of issue of invoice. No queries will be accepted after this time, with the exception of any re-billable expenses.
  • A separate policy applies to student fees and educational events and conferences where a minimum up front deposit is applicable to secure a place.
  • Please note that in some instances we may require a deposit or full upfront payment which will be discussed on a case by case basis.
  • Learner registration fees cover 1 External Quality Assurance visit per qualification per year, provided at least 5 learners are registered per year. Less than 5 learners will require a centre to pay for this visit. Any extra EQA visits will be charged separately.
  • Registration fees are not transferable, nor are they refundable if a learner fails to complete. Fees are also not refundable if a centre creates a duplicate registration. It is the responsibility of centres to ensure timely, accurate registration information.
  • In line with our Fees and Invoicing Policy the Institute reserves the right to change fees as necessary, publishing any increase in fees at least 3 months in advance of any increase being implemented.