About Crossfields Institute Group

Crossfields Institute is a research institute for social innovation. We focus on education, professional practice and leadership that facilitate transformative ways of life and working practices in a complex world.

Crossfields Institute was founded in 2007 by Charlotte von Bülow as an Educational Charity in response to a need for formal recognition for holistic education and research. Since then Crossfields Institute has developed into a group, operating as an Awarding Organisation, Higher Education Institute and consultancy.

We work for and with inspired employers, forward-thinking organisations, and employees, students and learners who want to engage constructively with the world.

We do it out of our belief that above all else we need people to become active citizens who can respond to the changing needs of society, think creatively, articulate ideas and find new approaches in an increasingly complex world.

Therefore we work towards developing and enhancing the potential of organisations, individuals and education itself.

Joining Crossfields Institute means that your organisation becomes part of our strategic plan. Since its inception in 2007, the Institute has built a consistent track record of achievement. We include all our affiliated organisations in this vision and our collective effort serves this larger aim. Over the last 5 years more than 60 centres, larger or smaller, have benefited from our educational research and development culture where practitioners, teachers, learners and beneficiaries work to contribute to a better world.

We have over 1,500 registered learners, and run programmes from Entry level up to Masters level.

Mission Statement

Crossfields Institute aims are to:

  • Advance, promote and develop education, training and research inspired by holistic and integrative approaches to education
  • Develop and/or provide for qualifications and programmes relating to such education, training and research
  • Support learning and widen opportunity by recognising achievement through courses and qualifications

Quality of Service

Crossfields Institute is committed to providing a high quality, responsive, efficient and transparent service to its centres and learners. The services related to programmes and qualifications are delivered by Crossfields Institute working in conjunction with approved centres.

All learners have the right to receive programme and unit content that is relevant and continually revised and have access to a wide range of contemporary resources. Crossfields Institute is constantly reviewing and updating programme content to ensure its continuing relevance and fitness for purpose for all learners. We uphold the values and practices of constructive feedback, self-evaluation, peer review and ethical professional conduct. This applies to all aspects of academic work, including curriculum design and delivery.


Crossfields Institute is committed to:

  • Responding promptly to customer enquiries via telephone and e-mail
  • Providing accurate and up to date information on the units, programmes and qualifications we offer
  • Providing guidance and support for centres and learners
  • Providing comprehensive information about our fees for units, programmes and qualifications
  • Providing comprehensive information about our policies and procedures


We believe that:

  • Vision, values, purpose and method determine the validation or accreditation process
  • We promote an individualised approach where content determines structure
  • We offer to take affiliates from vision building to validation through a collaborative process involving individuals and/or teams


We seek collaboration with organisations that:

  • Take an integrative approach to teaching, learning and research
  • Have a holistic view of the human being that includes body, soul and spirit
  • Promote a sustainable and ethical approach to the environment and the use of natural resources


Our aim is to ensure that the essence of your provision is:

  • Transparent
  • Consistent with the delivery
  • Quality assured effectively
  • Recognised by peer organisations
  • Recognised by the sector
  • Understood by the public
  • Awarded to competent learners

Further Information