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Welcome to Crossfields Institute Group

Crossfields Institute is a research institute for social innovation. We focus on education, professional practice and leadership that facilitate transformative ways of life and working practices in a complex world.

We work for and with inspired employers, forward-thinking organisations, and employees, students and learners who want to create change.

We do it out of our belief that above all else we need people to become active citizens who can respond to the changing needs of society, think creatively, articulate ideas and find new approaches in an increasingly complex world.

Therefore we work towards developing and enhancing the potential of organisations, individuals and education itself.

Is our #agriculture healthy?
Is our culture healthy?
Are you concerned about either of these?

Thank you also to @HRML6 @CrossfieldsUK @DeptWorkPension Aspirations Training and Cavendish Nuclear for helping with mock interviews!

Interested in #spirituality?
Now you can study for a qualification in #spiritual support and pastoral care …

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